BTW This site is going through a major overhaul so please bear with me. I work on about 10 sites a day and this one is low priority.

No. I don’t have ( or want) a staff of seventy five 20 year olds dragging in hung over and begging off every Friday for another wedding weekend, or have to fill out papers to send them to rehab…again.

God bless them but no way am I gonna work with Survivor Island.

” Tiffany is my best friend from college and she’s getting married in Cancun.”

I get more done on my own but, happily, limit what I take on.

Working on this website is fairly low priority.  But It will slowly become the super hero Pulitzer Prize nominee it was meant to be in time.

Until then. Go link to me. Use a few obvious keywords like media, advertising, jingles, voice overs. You’ll be helping a brother out plus feel the lightness of being because giving does that. For real.

While I’m at it God bless Jane Fonda. She just can’t help wearing red when she knows there will be cameras. Soft spot for the passionate. Softer spot for rational thinking.