I used to get paid to play an angry boyfriend or landlord on phone calls that aired on huge radio stations and networks. These calls had to be good. Radio and TV can’t afford to waste airtime on lame ‘real’ calls. Most people can’t put a sentence together unless they are spewing some passionate belief and then they go off on a tangent and listeners don’t want to hear that. ( Mitt Romney’s under garmets. )

So that’s what I do. Create content for radio and TV. I once took Hooked on Phonics ( remember that program that taught you to read the easy way? )I coupled their radio ad with James Brown grunts, shouts, and vocal hits and people thought it was hilarious. So funny that one of America’s premier comedy services stole it and used it as their own. You think Facebook memes are being ‘recycled’ without permission? Old news my friend.

My work doesn’t have to be cute or funny. It usually gets attention faster if something is kinda different and cute. I prefer just good old straight copy with a jingle.

That’s what works best over time. All marketing is a gamble. You have to pay attention and keep doing what works. It is that simple.

You don’t really know what’s gonna work. You get a feel over time for something that might fly but timing could be off, trends could change, a hurricane could pop up and dominate people’s attention. It’s a long term game. But it’s a game you must actively play.